Farm to ECE: Our Work

Harvest for Healthy Kids Educational Cards

The Department of Health has a limited number of Harvest for Healthy Kids picture card sets in English and Spanish that can be sent to programs to support farm to ECE. Reach out to if you are interested in receiving a pack of cards for your program.

Farm to ECE Statewide Alliance

Comprised of eleven organizations, the Washington State farm to ECE coalition brings together a committed group of farm to ECE stakeholders who collaboratively work towards growing equitable, sustainable farm to ECE programs across the state.

Alliance Members

  • Jill Farrant,  Nutrition Education and Emergency Food System Liaison, Washington State University Extension, Snohomish County SNAP-Ed
  • Kelly Okumura, Farm to Table Program Manager, Nourishian For Life
  • James Abler, Cultural Specialist, Marion Forsman-Boushie Early Learning Center 
  • Kendra Dean, Project Manager, Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington Food for All Program
  • Emilee Quinn, Research Coordinator, University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition
  • Steve Crider, Farm to School Lead, Viva Farms
  • Brandy MacFarland, Program Manager, Skagit/Island County Head Start and ECEAP, Health Safety and Nutrition
  • Alex Hyman, Nutrition Coordinator, Healthy Eating and Active Living Program, Washington State Department of Health
  • Annette Slonim, Farm to School Purchasing Grant Specialist, Regional Markets Program, Washington State Department of Agriculture
  • Victor Colman, Co-Principal, Uncommon Solutions
  • Angela Hedstrom, Community Food Systems Program Manager, Ecotrust

Farm to ECE Implementation Grant (FIG)

The Washington State Department of Health was awarded funding in the Fall of 2020 from the Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN). With this funding, the farm to ECE statewide coalition is implementing eight strategies in an effort to increase awareness, build programmatic capacity, strengthen collaborations, leverage policy, and increase equitable access to farm to ECE. These strategies include:

Farm to ECE success stories

Free online farm to ECE trainings for STARS credits

Farm to ECE self-assessment

For questions, contact Rey Cooley, F2ECE FIG Coordinator.

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