Farm to ECE: Community Engagement & Cultural Adaptations

Family and community engagement both contribute to building impactful farm to ECE programs. Engaging families not only creates excitement and investment into farm to ECE, but connects the early learning and home environments to reinforce children’s learning. Working with the community can lead to valuable opportunities to connect others to your program through invitations for field trips, volunteering, and donations. Newsletters, building a website, sharing your story with the local news, and creating a success story are wonderful ways to promote your program.

Engaging in activities that reflect the families of the children you work with can help make farm to ECE relatable and can be a powerful tool to teach children about their culture or share their culture with others. Many curriculums listed on the Food, Nutrition, and Agriculture Education page contain family engagement components such as parent newsletters and take home activities. Below are resources to help bring your families and community into the classroom and meet the needs of the families you serve.

Cultural Adaptations and Racial Equity

Family and Community Engagement

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