Goals & Strategic Priorities

At the Washington State Farm to School Network Launch Summit in May 2018, network members affirmed some goals and initial Strategic Priorities. The goals support the overall purpose of growing farm to school in Washington State. These initial Strategic Priorities will help guide and align the diverse work that network members do in their own communities for shared, collective impact across our state. They’ll be revisited by the network and adjusted as needed.


Local Food Sourcing
Increase the amount of local, Washington produced foods purchased and served by K-12 schools. 
Strategic Priority: Increase collaboration and dialogue between farms and schools

School Gardens Icon

School Gardens and Farm-based Learning
 Support school gardens and farms in every school.
Strategic Priority: Develop or collect resources on school garden sustainability models and funding

Food & Ag Education CoP

Food & Agriculture Education
 Increase student understanding of where food comes from through education about food, agriculture, and nutrition.
Strategic Priority: Implement Harvest of the Month activities across the state with resources for classroom, cafeteria, and the community to promote local food

Farm to ECE graphic

Farm to Early Childhood Education (ECE)
 Increase the number of early childhood education programs incorporating farm to school.
Strategic Priority: Raise awareness of Farm to ECE among ECE providers

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